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Announcement Regarding Covid-19
At Radon Controls, we take your health very seriously. In order to protect the safety of our clients and our workers, we have implemented safety protocols.  We commit  that no one will visit your home or workplace who has knowingly been exposed to or is suffering from Covid-19. In return, if we are scheduled to visit your home or workplace and you believe you may have been exposed, please let us know so that we can re-schedule or take necessary precautions.

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My radon levels are higher than I'd like. Now what?

The first step is to contact a Certified Radon Mitigation professional to come out for a site visit. "Certified" means the individual or firm you are dealing with has undergone the necessary training to become Certified by the Canadian Radon Proficiency Program in Canada.
We don't charge for our site visits and there is no obligation for you to proceed with us. We don't use sales people to come to your home, you will meet a certified mitigation professional.
At the site visit we will walk through with you the necessary steps to reduce the radon levels in your home.

What steps are necessary to reduce the radon levels in my home?

The most effective method for reducing radon levels is through sub-slab depressurization. This involves coring a hole in the floor, and mounting a system of piping and fan, and exhausting it to the outside.
Prior to starting the work, the certified installer will conduct diagnostics - these are scientific measurements that help to determine the degree of air that will flow through the soil under the slab. This helps us to decide what is the best size of fan to use, and if there are any impediments to a successful installation.
After the system is designed and installed, follow-up diagnostics are completed to ensure that the system is working as it should.
Energy efficiency is an important component of fan sizing - we want the fan to reduce your radon levels appropriately without just putting in the largest fan available. The fans we typically install use about $1 - $3 per month in added electricity costs, which is a fairly affordable 

How do I know my levels have been reduced?

Once the system is completely installed, we conduct a follow up test, a minimum 3 month test that includes the heating season. This will give you a verified, written report that your radon levels have been reduced. This is invaluable should you ever decide to sell your home - you have documented proof of reduced radon levels in your home.

What should I expect on the day of installation?

Most systems can be installed in one day or less. A typical day goes like this:
  • Arrival with truck and mobile workshop 
  • Cover up your flooring with waterproof mats
  • Walk through the system routing with you to review details
  • Conduct diagnostics to measure air flow
  • Holes are cored with a wet saw to eliminate dangerous silica dust
  • Your system is custom designed and installed based on your home and its unique requirements. As much cutting and gluing as is possible is done outside in our mobile workshop.
  • Materials used are low VOC
  • Further diagnostics are undertaken to measure the systems effectiveness
  • Complete clean up and walk through the system with you so you understand how it works
  • Set up of an approved C-NRPP tester to measure the systems effectiveness
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