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Here's How To Test

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How Can I Determine the Radon Levels in My Home?

Testing your home for radon is affordable and accurate. Health Canada recommends a 3 month test during the heating season for the most accurate results. The test is called a passive test and uses no electricity. It is a simple as placing the tester in the lowest lived in level of your home, or where someone spends four or more hours a day.
We suggest avoiding furnace rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Once enough time has elapsed, just fill in a form either online or paper, put the tester in a provided mailer and send it to the lab. Once at the lab, the results will be in your inbox within 5 - 7 days.

Testing the levels of radon gas in your home is the first step and is something you can easily do yourself. 

​Afraid you won't do it right?

We sell radon test kits that are kept in a controlled environment and offer complete support if you have any questions. 
Or, Radon Controls Inc. can come and test the radon levels for you if you prefer not to do it yourself.

The tests are interpreted by an independent, accredited laboratory. Testing is the only way to know.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

In Canada, the "Action Level" (the level where you need to do something about it) is set a 200 bq/m3. Other jurisdictions have different standards - the USA suggests over about 150 bq/m3 is too high, but the World Health Organization has set the action level at 100 bq/m3.